Fully Involved - Big 4 Tee Asphalt
Fully Involved - Big 4 Tee Asphalt Fully Involved - Big 4 Tee Asphalt
$ 25.95

"Too many times we give accolades for simply showing up, ablekeeping a seat warm, or holding down a spot. Commendations are handed out like participation ribbons. We talk change, talk about improved performance, but we go no further. Activity should never be confused with achievement, and just because you exist doesn't mean you deserve.

Those who take action make changes.

Ask yourself, "Who's in there?" Do you remember what it took to get to where you are today? Do you remember the promises that you made? Do you remember who you said you'd always be? Find that person again. Remember how you used to measure yourself.

Do your job right, because you said you would. You said you'd do it forever that way. Actions speak louder than words. Ask yourself, "Who's in there?" If you don't like the answer, take the first step toward change.

To give your brothers and sisters anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

Mark vonAppen
Fully Involved

  • Made in the USA
  • American Apparel Jersey Tall (100% Cotton) construction
  • Custom Hand Printed with Waterbased ink for that super soft feel
  • Big 4 Lettering and wording on front
  • Fully Involved Logo on back

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